viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2009

Crime and Environment Review

Animal Abuse:
Many circuses are using animals for entertaining shows, but they don't really care about the fact that animals were not created to force them to perform riding bicycles, balance on balls, etc. and trainers are maltreating animals using tight collars, electric prods, etc. just to make people laugh.
I think that they should leave animals in peace, because there are too many ways to do an entertaining show without abuse. Besides, people should know about this in order to avoid animal abuse and make trainers pay for what they are doing.

These years Intenet has been a good way of frauds, because there are thousands of people who make use of it, and in many cases we need to give personal infomation if we want to get an account or something like that. The worst thing is that many websites are controlled by criminals who use the Internet to rob people, and that makes them feel that they have lost privacy because of the fraud.
I think that if we want to make use of the Internet it is important to know that we are always at risk of being part of a fraud. Also, if we want to use accounts or buy something via Internet, we should look for more information about the website that is offering what we want.

jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2009

Formal Transactional Letter

Dear Sir or Madam

According to the newspaper from last weekend I was very disappointed with the report about the building of a by-pass for Oldbury, which had a lack of information including lots of errors in the explanation of how the event occured.

The purpose of our demonstration was claiming not only for the extintion of a rare species of snail, but also for the destruction of woodland, a very important fact of our nature that was not mentioned in the report, however, we think that people should know about it as well as the consequences to our environment if the construction company builds a by-pass.

I also have some complaints about some details that you wrote according to the number of the people gathered in the demonstration, which was over 2.000 people and not 200 as you reported. Despite of this, the way that we made the demonstration was silent and pacific, so the information about that protesters sat in the road chanting slogans at workers and police is wrong, and the "troublemakers" as the spokesman for the council said, were not all from other parts of the country, but rather many of them were local residents who are concerned about the destruction of our natural territory.

On the other hand, I would like to ask you for a new report explaining how really was the demonstration and correct the errors of what you said last week. I would also be grateful if you could send a reporter to interview me so you can get information from reliable sources.

Yours sincerely,
Constanza Arellano

jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2009

Environmental Survey

1.- What do you think is the best way to motivate young people to be aware of the damages caused in the earth?
2.- What is your biggest fear about Global Warming?
3.- What do you do to collaborate on the planet's safety?
Do you think that we are responsible for the damages on the earth? Or you may think that it's just a nature problem.
5.- Do you agree with the deforestation of green areas to build more houses?
6.- What would you do to prevent animal hunting?
7.- What would you do if you are witness of animal maltreating?
8.- Do you agree with hydroelectric companies in our country? Why?
9.- What things do you do for the preservation of our flora and fauna?
10.- Do you think that hybrid cars are a good invention to take care of our planet?

- Constanza Arellano
- Paulina Figueroa
- Natalia Martell

jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009

Mid-term Writting Task

Part One:

Dear Helen Ryan

I'm writting to thank for the good news on the letter I received from you. As reply for your quest, I would like to travel in July because I'm finishing my last semester at university and it is impossible for me to be in the competition before that month, so taking part at the Camp California in July would be amazing.

According to the accomodations I would prefer tents, because I like being connected with nature and taking advantage of staying in an uncommon place. Besides, I think that it is important to have the chance of staying or living in a different way and not being always thinking about our own bedrooms.

As well as the accomodations, the activities that I have chosen from the list are Climbing and Photography, which are also connected with nature and I'm very good at them due that I have participated many times before in different competitions in which I normally get at the three first places. However, I know that there is always many opportunities to learn something new doing these activities and getting more experience.

On the other hand, I would like to know what is the best clothe to wear during the camp and if it is necesary to bring some money. Apart from this, please let me know at what time should I be there.

Yours sincerely
Conny Arellano

Part Two:
- Short Story

They were sad to leave, but they had no choice if they wanted to stop fighting with their neighbours who were destroying everything in the village after taking part at the most dangerous gang of the city.

The old couple who lived in the village for 40 years had to take their hardest decision of moving from the city because every year the village where they used to live was getting worse. One day, while the old man was fixing a broken bench outside his house, a drunk man was driving a car and almost killed the old man when he crushed with the bench breaking it again. At the next day a little boy started throwing stones and broke 2 windows, which one of those was fomr the old man's house.

After 5 years standing this situation the old couple decided to leave the house that saddily was pulled down because of the mad neighbours.

jueves, 24 de septiembre de 2009

Informal letter

Dear Sofia,

Sorry it's taken me so long to write, but I've been a bit busy and I just arrived to my house after participating on the celebration for the 30 years since Teletón started in 1978 in Chile. This is an important event which collects donated money from schools, companies, families or any other voluntary contribution from the whole country in order to help physically handicapped people. Every year Teletón carries out at the end of November or at the beginning of December for 27 hours uninterrupted.

The show started at the Teletón Theater showing a video with pictures, interviews, testimonies from people helped by Teletón and how this event has remained through 30 years in Chile. Then there were some music bands, humorists, famous people and handicapped people testifying their lives. Besides, every now and then Don Francisco, who directs the show every year, let people know how much money has been collected. Everything kept the same way till the next day, but on Saturday afternoon the show continued at the National Stadium with thousands of people, more music bands and many other performances till past 12 am.

The show was amazing and I enjoyed every moment taking pictures and asking autographs from famous people. Also, eating free food was great, but I think I should have contolled my appetite because later I was stuffed. Anyway, one of the most exciting moment was when Don Francisco said the last amount of money collected which exceeded the quantity that was set as goal, so at the end we were all celebrating and wathing the fireworks display.

Well, that's all from me. I'll try to write as soon as I can and send some pictures of the Teletón to you. Let me know what you've been doing recently.

Lots of love

jueves, 10 de septiembre de 2009

Modals In The Past

Picture 1:
- The waiter might have been carrying out a bet.
- The waiter couldn't have been trying to start a new fashion.

Picture 2:
- The girls must have done their last shot exam.
- The girls can't have fought in the second world war.

Picture 3:
- The man had to have tried to imitate Jackie Chan.
- The man may not have wanted to squash his friend.

*Questions ("Miriam’s disastrous trip")

a. What are some things that Miriam definitely should have done before she left on her trip?
- Miriam should have packed everything and look for more information about Indonesia such as cheaper hotels and the best way to get at the orangutan rehabilitation center.

b. What are some other things that Miriam could have done to make her trip more enjoyable?
- She could have travelled with a friend and visit different aisles even though she didn't know any place.

c. What should she do now?
- She should reorganize her trip and her money before making any decision. Also, she should consider more options to enjoy her trip in case she doesn't have enough money to get at the orangutan rehabilitation center and see other posibilities of going back to Indonesia later.

jueves, 27 de agosto de 2009

Travel Stories

Comprehension questions:
The Perfect Moment
by Lawrence J. Caldwell

1.- What was the main reason why Lawrence had to go to Weilburg, Germany and where did he stay?

2.- What was the place which captured his fancy? Why?

3.- What things did Lawrence enjoyed which then made him feel sorry for the waitress?

4.- Who approached to Lawrence and sat down at the table with him?

5.- What was "the perfect moment" for Lawrence?