viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2009

Crime and Environment Review

Animal Abuse:
Many circuses are using animals for entertaining shows, but they don't really care about the fact that animals were not created to force them to perform riding bicycles, balance on balls, etc. and trainers are maltreating animals using tight collars, electric prods, etc. just to make people laugh.
I think that they should leave animals in peace, because there are too many ways to do an entertaining show without abuse. Besides, people should know about this in order to avoid animal abuse and make trainers pay for what they are doing.

These years Intenet has been a good way of frauds, because there are thousands of people who make use of it, and in many cases we need to give personal infomation if we want to get an account or something like that. The worst thing is that many websites are controlled by criminals who use the Internet to rob people, and that makes them feel that they have lost privacy because of the fraud.
I think that if we want to make use of the Internet it is important to know that we are always at risk of being part of a fraud. Also, if we want to use accounts or buy something via Internet, we should look for more information about the website that is offering what we want.

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